Diana Sagini is a Nairobi, Kenya native who currently resides in Los Angeles.  Her passion for designing jewelry began in 2010, after what she refers to as a cathartic moment that changed her life forever.  At the time nothing came easy including breathing.  A friend recommended that she find a hobby to help her get out of her head space.  After several failed attempts she discovered that beading and metal work provided a safe meditative space that she could not find elsewhere.  Therein a passion had been born.

A chance trip to The Darien Jungle in Panama presented her with the opportunity to observe and learn intricate beadwork from a very talented Indian tribe in the Arimae Embera village.  The trip served as the foundation for her mission to channel life’s experiences into wearable art.  Diana has a dual degree in Finance and Marketing.  She is determined to succeed and help other artisans just like her realize their dreams can come true. 

Sagini Designs's mission believes wholeheartedly in bringing to market conscious retail fashion that lives up to our promise - AUTHENTIC. BOLD. AFRIKANESQUE.